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Ford Transit

Forest Snow
148WB High Roof Long $11,950
148WB High Extended $12

Ford Transits are great for short trips or full-time van life. Our kits provide a majority of what you would need to take your van out on your next adventure.


  • Kitchen island with bamboo countertop

  • Sliding fridge storage

  • Overhead storage

  • Full height closet

  • Three folding trays

  • Bedframe

  • Interlocking Flooring

  • Floor insulation

  • Wall cladding

  • Mounting rail

  • All hardware required

Not included

  • Plumbing & electrical systems

  • Kitchen sink and faucet

  • Wall insulation

While our kits provide most of what you'll need, we leave some options open to pick what ideal for your needs for insulation, electrical, and plumbing. We're happy to provide recommendations and links for what you'll need to meet your goal. Every van serves a unique purpose and we're here to help make your van right for you.

Reserve Transit Kit
Our kits ship out to you on a single large pallet. Kits can be assembled with basic handtools and are designed to be easy to put together. In order to make sure our kits meet your needs we will give you a call before requiring payment.