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Affordable, easy to install

Spend more time doing what you love 

Kits start at $11,950 with financing options through Hearth

Kit Tour

We are happy to provide in-person tours at our  Location in Costa Mesa, California

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World's best Bathroom kit

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Intuitive assembly

Our kits help you convert an empty cargo van into an amazing campers. Whether you want to get away for a weekend, take a grand tour, truly work remotely, or save on rent, we have what it takes to make it happen. 


Our goal is to enable more people to travel affordably and have more time doing what they enjoy. 



2021 Santa Cruz Kit

Patent-pending design that can be assembled in a day


Extra storage and a large kitchen area with plenty of counter surfaces

High-quality build materials including birch ply, laminated bamboo, laminated plywood flooring, and beadboard walls and ceiling 


Vantopia Kits compared to DIY or Custom Builds

Vantopia kits are an excellent balance of cost and convenience. Our kits are designed to be installed in a day with just basic tools. 

In contrast, DIY builds can takes months or even years to complete and require a remarkable amount of space, time, and tools. Material costs end up comparable to our kits -- and often even more.

Additionally, custom shops frequently take months to complete your van and cost around $80,000. Vantopia kits will have your van completed faster and significantly cheaper than a fully custom van.  

Mountain Ridge

Vantopia Kits

Save Time

While traditional DIY builds can take hundreds or thousands of hours, our kits come precut and fit together easy with no custom measurements or cuts needed. You'll only need basic hand tools to put it all together. Many customers complete the kit build in a day. You'll get your van completed faster and get out on the road sooner.

Save Money

Our kits cost a small fraction of the cost of custom builds or other installers. While custom builds can cost $40,000 to $100,000, Vantopia kits cost $11,950 to $12,950. Our kits even compare to the cost of DIY builds as we're able to order material in bulk and pass the saving on to you.

measured to Fit

Vans can be awkward to precisely measure and build in. Builders need to consider the curved walls, support beams, and wheel wells. With Vantopia kits all the materials are premeasured and precisely cut for you. Kits come with all the necessary hardware and can be assembled with basic hand tools and a drill.

Easy to assemble

No power tools necessary. You'll be able to put together the entire kit with just your basic hand tools. If you're able to assemble IKEA furniture you'll be able to assemble Vantopia kits. Most builders can install the kit in a day. If you have any questions about the assembly process or to get preassembled vans, send us a message on our contact form and we'd be happy to help. 

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