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Build Your Van Kit

If you have any questions about layouts or the build process you can reach us 949 755 0337.
If you'd like to see the layouts and modules you can watch our Youtube tours.

STep 1
Bed Base Kit

Bed Base kits come with bedframe, overhead bed cabinets, kitchen galley, fold-out tray table, full height closet, two accessory cabinets, aluminum mounting rail, and all hardware.

STep 2

Flooring kits come with interlocking floor sections, .5" eps foam insulation, door trim pieces, threaded inserts, and all hardware. 

Step 4
Front Module

Short vans such as a Sprinter 144 can either have a closet or a front module. Long vans have room for both a closet and front module

If you're self-installing your kit then you're all set! If you have any questions you can reach us at 949 755 0337.

If you'd like a factory installation you can continue to our factory install page. You'll still add the individual kit components to your cart.

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