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Is there a warranty for the kits?
Yes, we offer a two-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. If you need any replacement parts you can reach out and we’ll try to help you find a replacement.


Do you have a bathroom?

Yes we recently launched a bathroom module with an indoor shower and toilet.

Do you create custom builds? 

No, the kits are standardized as a turnkey solution for getting your van ready to live in. We do encourage customers to customize their vans further themselves to best fit their needs.

Which vans do you create conversions for?
High Roof Transit, Sprinter, Promaster vans

Ford Transit High Roof (Large and Extended) Cargo 

Mercedes Sprinter 140 and 170 Cargo
Ram Promaster 135, 159, 159 ext

How much do the kit and installation cost?

Self-installed kits cost $10k-$19k.
Full turnkey options with solar, electrical, plumbing, battery, kit, and installation run from $25k-$49k depending on the layout and van option.


How quickly can I get my van completed?

The current build time is about 3 to 4 weeks for the kit and installation are about 6-8 weeks out at the moment

Do you sell a la carte kit options?

If you’re looking to add or remove features then reach out to our build team. 949 292 6312

What size bed does the kit fit?

The beds are approximately queen-sized. Contact a build specialist for specific sizing for your van model and layout.

What's the height under the raised bed?
37” without a slider and 36” with a bike slider. Fits most mountain bikes with the front wheel removed. Reach out to us if you have specific concerns about fitting your bike in the kit.

What are the dimensions of the fridge storage area in the closet combo unit.?
20 inches deep, 21 inches tall, and 35.25 inches wide


How hard is it to install the kit myself?
Yes, kits are designed to be easy to install by the customer. I can set up a call with a build specialist to help answer questions about the build.


Can you transport more than two people in a Vantopia Van?

Yes, we have layout options that allow for the placement of popular 3rd party seats. Reach out to us with any questions regarding additional seating.


What type of insulation do you use?

The base kit comes with ½ inch eps foam for the flooring. The installation package includes 3M Thinsulate for the walls and ceiling.


Does the kit have plumbing and hot water?

The kit includes all the wood components such as the cabinetry, flooring, bed, walls, and ceiling. We provide you with a parts list for the rest of the components that we don’t make ourselves. Set up a call with a build specialist to help answer questions about the build. 949 292 6312


Where are Vantopia kits made?

Vantopia kits are entirely made at our factory in Costa Mesa CA. You are welcome to schedule a tour at our facility 


What materials are used?

We use a high-quality ½ inch and ¾ inch birch plywood with a UV prefinish coating for all the cabinetry. The countertops are made from laminated bamboo. The flooring is a high-pressure Formica laminate and the walls are a white beadboard.

Can I paint the kits?
Kits can be prepainted before cutting or painted by the customers.


Can I easily remove the kits?

Yes, the kits are easy to assemble and disassemble. While the vents need a hole cut in the roof, the rest of the kit bolts onto the vans existing mounting system to ensure a secure fit and minimal permanent modifications to the van.


Where does the sink water drain to?

The sink drains to an optional 5-gallon tank under the sink in the kitchen island. A 10-20 gallon undermounted grey water tank is typically used with the bathroom module.


What’s your phone number?
You can reach our sales manager at 949 292 6312 with any questions about the kit or installation. Please leave a voicemail if we don’t answer. 


What are your bed module options?
The bed module options are raised bed, dinette, and bunk. The raised bed is great if you want bike storage and not have to make a bed. The dinette is great for working remote and provides a nice large eating and entertaining area. The bunk option is great for sleeping 3-4 people.

What’s the right layout for me?
If you have any questions about what’s the best layout option for you, reach out to us for a consultation. 949 292 6312

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