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Package Pricing

We offer kits customers can self assemble as well as full turnkey options where you just drop your van off and pick it up a few weeks later. Customers can pick from our options to fit their needs best. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on our contact page. 

Self Installed Kit


- Kitchen island & bamboo countertop
- Sliding fridge storage
- Overhead storage
- Full height closet
- Three folding trays
- Bedframe
- Interlocking Flooring
- Floor insulation
- Wall cladding
- Mounting rail
- All hardware required

Does not include bathroom installation


Transit High Roof Long                       $11,950

Transit High Roof Extended               $12,950

Sprinter High Roof 144                        $11,950

Sprinter High Roof 170                       $12,950

Sprinter High Roof 170 Ext                 $13,950

Promaster High Roof 136                    $11,950

Promaster High Roof 159                   $12,950

Promaster High Roof 159                   $13,950

Factory Installation


- 3M Thinsulate insulation installed in walls and ceiling
- 2 Dometic Vents
- 8 flush ceiling LED lights



Full insulation and kit installation     $5,950

Electrical & Plumbing Package


- 42 Freshwater tank
- 50 PSI 2.5 GPM Flojet pump
- Bosch 2.5 gallon electric water heater
- 6 gallons grey water storage
- Kitchen faucet and sink
- Wiring & PEX tubing
- 3 AC ports (2 110V & 2 USB ports per plug)
- Fridge storage cabinet
- Freshwater fill port
- Switch and fuse panel


Electrical and Plumbing Installation     $6,200

Power Station

We use Goal Zero power stations to power all our 110V AC appliances as well as our 12 V DC switch panel. Power stations can add extra battery packs added to fit customer power needs. Customers can substitute their own power station if preferred. 


Goal Zero Yeti 1500X                         $2,000

2.4 KWH Yeti expansion kit                $1,200 

4.8 KWH Yeti expansion kit               $2,000

Solar Package


-Four 100 Watt solar panels

- Aluminum mounting brackets

- Through roof cable gland with UV resistant wiring

- Installation and connection to power station


400 Watt Solar Package                    $2,100

Bathroom Kit

- Shower pan and frame
- Sliding toilet tray

- Connected half-height closet

- Pop-out curtain rod


Self Installed Kit                               $5,950

Bathroom Installation Package

- Bathroom Kit Installation
- Led lighting
- Control switches
- Two blower fans
- Greywater tank
- Greywater dump valve
- Sliding toilet tray
- Showerhead and mixer

(Does not include bathroom kit)


Factory Installed                              $11,950
(Requires Kit Purchase)

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