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Preassembled Indoor Bathroom Module

Preassembled Indoor Bathroom Module


Our bathroom module is a great way to bring the comforts of home with you on the road. A shower pod and toilet pod made of marine grade HDPE Starboard stays water tight. A half height attached closet helps maximize storage space.

A slide out toilet pod allows you to hide away a toilet of your choosing when not in use and conviniently slide it out when needed. Vent vans help remove and odor or moisture in the toilet pod. 

Three water proof switches control two shower lights, bathroom vent fans, and electric dump valve. Grey water from the shower can be dumped directly out of the van or held in a grey water holding tank mounted underneath the van.

Marine grade Starboard construction
Presealed and water leak tested
Lights installed operated by lighted switch
Modern mixer
With wand pre plumbed eith pex tubing pressure tested
Vent fan and high power vent fan operated by lighted switch
Extra lighted switch for dump valve or other accessories
Internal fuse panel pre wired
Toilet pod with slider and door
Shower pan installed and sealed
Collapsible shower curtain extension rod/clothes hanger system
Attached closet with shelves
Easy hookups pex hot/cold and 12vdc in

Shipped on top of kit pallet. 

View a tour of a bathroom module.

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